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Ili-Ili (Either-Or) pendant lamps. These diverse pendant lamps allow you to get creative. You can mix six different shade elements in twelve matte colors. This gives you an extensive choice of combinations, enabling you to combine them (as the name states) EITHER this way OR the other. The elements connect with simple links so you can change your mind later.

These lamps are ideal for mounting in clusters or rows and provide unique lighting tailored to each particular setting. Every lamp is handmade and assembled in Croatia under close supervision of designers to make sure that your lamp is not just beautiful but precision crafted as well. We offer 6 preset combinations in various color options. Custom combinations available for orders of 50 and more. Custom colors available for orders of 100 and more.

RRP = $230 - $295 depending on the fixture.
Trade discounts available.

For specifications download the product sheet. For additional product information download the product catalog. For lead times visit our Terms.

• Modular Elements
• Personalized Design
• Custom Color Options
• Made with Traditional Techniques

Design: Grupa Products

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